Bollé Safety Standard Issue

Bollé Safety has long been known as one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of high-quality safety eyewear. Their comfortable and stylish safety glasses and goggles can be seen across construction, manufacturing, mining and healthcare industries worldwide. Each model of eyewear is developed with the end-user in mind and carries features that make them particularly suitable for the environment in which they are being worn.

The company’s history of producing tactical eyewear goes back over 135 years, and they were the first manufacturer to use moulded nylon in their protective glasses. This made them more resilient and flexible than other products in the market which led to their being preferred by the military. Today, Bollé Safety eye protection is worn by over 20 million customers in over 100 countries.The Bollé Safety Standard Issue division, (BSSI), launched into the marketplace in 2021, having been developed for the specific needs of law enforcement, first responders, firemen, military and shooting enthusiasts. Bollé Safety leaned on its rich heritage of developing innovative eyewear solutions for to develop the world’s best ballistic and protective eyewear available, while concentrating on improved comfort, style, and safety.

Unlike many other brands in the category, Bollé Safety has world class innovation resources behind it with a state-of-the-art R&D facility that allows the brand to continue to take advantage of not only the latest lens technology, but also the highest performing new materials.

They are compliant with every international standard in the world: The entire BSSI range is certified to AS/NZS 1337.1:2010 for medium impact resistance, which means it resists a 6mm, 0.86g ball travelling at 45m/s. They are also certified to EN 166:2001 and ANSI Z87.1. Additionally, many models are certified as ballistic: according to the STANAG 2920 standard as recognised by all NATO, and as per the MIL-PRF-32432A American standard.

The goal has been to offer not just quality safety glasses, but glasses that also provide clear, fog and scratch free vision no matter the elements that surround the user. In 1973, Bollé Safety introduced the industry’s first anti-fog technology which it continues to improve upon. All BSSI models are available with Bollé Safety’s exclusive Platinum anti-fog, anti-scratch coating for greater comfort, visibility and longevity of wear. Bollé Safety’s Platinum coating is 100 times more effective in fog resistance than European industry standard. It features a permanent double coating on both sides of the lens, rather than a single coating on just one side and will resist fogging for over 15 minutes in the worst conditions.

Finally, Bollé Safety fully understands the importance of comfort and style. Each model has design features that enhance wearer comfort such as non-slip nose bridges, tip-grip, flex 160° or flexible temples. The BSSI range is sleek and sophisticated, with many models featuring an ultra-wraparound fit and sporty design to provide wearers with maximum protection.

For more information about the right product for your needs, speak to a Bollé Safety Consultant.

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