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Proudly printed quarterly, Duty First is the official magazine for The Royal Australian Regiment Association (RARA). Duty First covers the latest Army, RARA and ADF news.

The Royal Australian Regiment has been the mainstay of the Australian Regular Army for over seventy years. With the formation of the regular army, including the Royal Australian Regiment, for the first time Australia had a permanent professional army, available in peacetime and in war for any task the government might direct.

The Royal Australian Regiment is the key fighting force of the army and has carried the main burden of active service since the Second World War.

Each issue of Duty First will feature updates from the 7 active Battalions ,12 battalion ex-regimental associations, army, veterans news.

5500-6500 ADF personnel leave the ADF annually, each issue of Duty First will contain transition articles, designed to provide vital information for defence personnel leaving the ADF and also relocation articles as personnel are posted to various defence establishments across Australia and Overseas every 2-3 years.

Distribution and Readership

Australian Army Bases
Department of Defence
Chief of the Australian Defence Force
Office of Chief of Army
ADF Service Chiefs and their Defence Service Warrant Officers
Australian Army Senior Staff and all army base commands
Prime Minister’s Office
Minister for Defence, Minister of Veterans Affair,
Minister for Defence Industry

Duty First reaches

Australian Army Senior Staff and Base Commands
Defence Intelligence Organisation
Senior Executives in Defence & Industry
Directors & Managers of Defence Projects
The Royal Australian Regiment’s members; 7 serving battalions and 12 battalion associations of ex-regimental
Offices of the following: Open Arms | Transition Centres | Defence Banks | Trans CIV | AAFCANS canteens on Army bases | Defence Force Recruiting | CASA | Defence Science & Technology | Soldier On | Wandering Warriors | Mates4Mates
Various Veterans Associations

Duty First magazine offers your company the opportunity to promote and profile your products and services within the Australian Defence Organisation.

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