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Transitioning from the service: How Poolwerx can help you establish a thriving career in the franchising industry

Poolwerx, Australasia’s largest pool and spa maintenance network, is offering their support to veterans in re-entering the workforce by providing a pathway to new career opportunities through franchising.

At Poolwerx, there are multiple avenues available to start your own business – New to Industry, where you purchase a new territory with no existing client base, or Fast Start which is a marketing area previously owned by a franchisee and Resale where you can purchase one of our existing mobile or retail businesses.

Poolwerx attracts franchisees from all walks of life and careers, as it provides an opportunity to follow your entrepreneurship with the support of a trusted network. It allows new business owners to work in an established and thriving home services industry with a brand that they can connect to – a commitment to creating backyard memories for clients.

Poolwerx Chief Executive Officer, Nic Brill, explains how the franchising framework is a viable career option for those exiting the service and forging a new path, with little to no franchise or pool maintenance experience required.

“A franchisee trajectory provides the freedom and flexibility for veterans to implement learnings from service, into the daily operations of their own business, and we have people from all walks of life and diverse careers join our network,” he said.

“The defence force places a strong emphasis on comradery, and being part of a big team, which is an important aspect of running a Poolwerx franchise. Your ability to build strong relationships with clients and our wider network would be a significant advantage.”

Clarence Valley franchise owner, Shauna Brigden came to Poolwerx from a teaching background, and her husband worked long hours as a farm manager on a large property.

“My husband and I joined the Poolwerx network in June 2022 as a mobile business, before adding a retail pop-up store and expanded quickly to a permanent, independent store.

“We left behind the familiarities of our previous jobs and diving into business ownership without any experience. It was a huge learning curve but a positive one, made smoother by Poolwerx Support Centre staff, Business Development Managers and the franchisee network.

“Head office was so helpful with purchasing the independent store, and making sure we had everything we needed to succeed, including all the things you don’t think about like safety protocols, storage–even marketing,” she said.

Poolwerx offers three revenue streams:

  • Retail hubs, located in destination, local shopping centres
  • Residential pool servicing
  • B2B servicing commercial pools and establishing business partnerships

Multiple revenue streams provide an opportunity to increase overall profits and more importantly can safeguard your business against troughs within the different sectors. Should a retail downturn occur, having a business model with multiple revenue streams will help future proof your business.

Poolwerx recognises the unique abilities and experiences that veterans bring to the table, and the support systems they offer, can assist veterans in navigating the challenges of running a pool maintenance franchise successfully.

If you are looking to transition from the service into the pool and spa industry, contact the team to learn more about how to join’s our award-winning franchise.


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