Training builds confidence with recoilless rifle

Soldiers from the 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment conducted static live-fire training with the 84mm Carl Gustaf, engaging 450-metre targets at the Townville Field Training Area.

The training was held to build confidence in personnel using the weapon system and qualify junior non-commissioned officers as part of the Section Commander Battle Course.

The course is designed to qualify personnel to supervise the conduct of range practices and is part of their career progression.

Officer Commanding Charlie Company Major Lindsay Pritchard said the training set a foundation to engage more complex ranges and activities, as the program continued over the next few weeks.

Major Pritchard said the 84mm was a breech-loaded, percussion-fired, shoulder-controlled weapon that was accurate and versatile. It can handle a range of situations on the battlefield, whether it be destroying an armoured vehicle, structure, or illuminating the battlefield during night-time operations.

“We will begin manoeuvre practices, dismounted manoeuvre, section and platoon live-fire,” Major Pritchard said.

“This static live-fire provides a refresher on the skills required.”

Defence image Australian Army soldiers from 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, prepare the 84mm Carl Gustaf for their live-fire practice on 5th January 2024, Townsville Field Training Area, Queensland.

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