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Providing a simpler posting experience

PostingConnect is an on-line platform designed by Defence to streamline the posting process for ADF members and their families.

It is available for eligible ADF members and families to assist them with their domestic postings. It connects to a range of other posting services, including Toll and Defence Housing Australia (DHA), and allows families to manage all their posting requirements from a central location.

After going through several rounds of testing and feedback, the PostingConnect platform has been improved and new features added to better serve members and their families. Following a pilot of the platform with a small group of posting members, it’s now being progressively rolled out to Defence members undertaking postings.

Serving member Alex Vella was involved in the initial pilot and feedback sessions.

“Since I have only been posted a couple of times, it’s all a bit daunting trying to figure out what to do and who to contact,” said Alex.
“PostingConnect is a user-friendly system that will make the posting process more efficient—it’s definitely made it easier for me. It provides a checklist and allows me to tick tasks off and make sure that I’m not missing anything along the way.”

Having seen the platform evolve through its multiple iterations, Alex acknowledged the numerous improvements that had been made.

“The new tasks and information is great, especially for families and partners who may not understand the process or language used within Defence.”

The refinement of the platform and the introduction of new features were also noticed by other participants who provided valuable feedback.

“I can see the changes made based on all the feedback I originally gave, which is great,” said Alex.

PostingConnect is being progressively released to posting members. Eligible members will receive an email on the Defence intranet inviting them to use the online platform for their posting, shortly after their posting order is issued. postingconnect

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