Inaugural joint training strengthens Filipino ties

Two Joint Warfighting Planning Foundations courses have been delivered to the Armed Forces of the Philippines for the first time.

The courses were delivered by the Joint Australian Training Team-Philippines (JATT-P) Mobile Training Team and assisted by the ADF Warfare Training Centre.

As part of the successful ongoing JATT-P program, the courses provided a proven structure to teach the Joint Military Appreciation Process, a fundamental framework that provides guidance for commanders and staff in planning campaigns and operations.

Lead Instructor Combined Joint Operations Planning Mobile Training Team, Lieutenant Colonel Ben Biddington, said the Filipino officers expressed appreciation for the course and a desire to deepen training links.

“Students were very grateful for the opportunity to attend this ADF-delivered course. The course has empowered students to understand planning at the joint operational level and to employ these techniques in their own contexts,” Lieutenant Colonel Biddington said.

“The gratitude goes both ways. We too learn from the knowledge and experience of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and it has been a pleasure to form important networks and relationships with our Filipino friends and allies.

“Joint training opportunities build our collective knowledge and shared experiences, and contribute to the effectiveness of future combined operations and exercises.”

Defence supports training and education opportunities for all personnel from the Philippine’s Armed Forces and Coast Guard, and middle- to senior-ranked uniformed and civilian personnel from the Department of National Defense.

Training opportunities take the form of formal courses and workshops conducted in Australia or by ADF mobile training teams, predominantly supported by the JATT-P in the Philippines.

Australia’s defence engagement with the Philippines is underpinned by the Enhanced Defence Cooperation Program, with key pillars of maritime security and counter-terrorism, and an extensive training and education program.

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