Getting the job done on Brolga Run

More than 1500 infantry, combat engineer, artillery, and enabling soldiers, and more than 200 military vehicles from 3rd Brigade deployed to the Townsville Field Training Area in late April to conduct combined arms training against a simulated enemy.

The exercise also involved stability, security, and evacuation operations against a simulated insurgency in Ingham, Queensland.

This is the second major training exercise for the Brigade this year, preparing for Exercise Talisman Sabre with partner forces in July.

Commander of the 3rd Brigade, Brigadier David McCammon said soldiers from all units had worked hard over the past two weeks.

“Our soldiers are working up to 48 hours straight with constant attacks from the simulated enemy,” Brigadier McCammon said.

“This is deliberate as it adds a level of complexity, testing how our soldiers operate under significant strain as an individual and if they can work together as a team to achieve a tactical outcome.

“It amazes me the level of initiative and ingenuity we’ve seen from soldiers at every level.

“Talisman Sabre will be a great opportunity to put those skills that we’ve learnt over the last two weeks to the test against our friends down in Brisbane.”

Exercise Brolga Run was designed to test the ability of 3rd Brigade’s designated ready battle group, predominantly from 3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR), to respond to a range of combat operations.

During the exercise soldiers conducted assaults on different environments, such as established trenches and the urban operations training facility, which involved a simulated engagement of military forces from 3RAR and 1RAR.

Lieutenant Darcy Anderson, a platoon commander from 3RAR, said Exercise Brolga Run had given him a greater understanding of the big picture and how a battle group could make a difference in a fight.

“On exercises like this we can work with other units, each with their own strengths, to form effective battle groups, preparing to operate in a multi-domain contested environment,” Lieutenant Anderson said.

“This is my second exercise within this platoon, and it gave us the opportunity to figure out how we can improve.

“We’re pretty tired, we’ve had a lot of long days and nights, but we’ll always go the extra mile to get the job done.”

Defence image Australian Army soldiers from 3rd Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment conduct an assault on the enemy main defensive position during Exercise Brolga Run 23 at Townsville Field Training Area, Queensland.

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