9th Brigade becomes the Australian Army’s first integrated combat brigade

Adelaide’s 9th Brigade has become the Australian Army’s first truly integrated combat brigade, with the incorporation of several full-time Adelaide-based units into what was previously a part-time organisation.

A transition of authority parade was held at RAAF Base Edinburgh today to mark the move of the 1st Armoured Regiment, the 7th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, the Adelaide-based elements of the 1st Combat Service Support Battalion, and the 144th Signal Squadron to 9th Brigade.

This parade also marks the 9th Brigade’s transfer from the 2nd Division to Forces Command.

The event was attended by the Chief of Army Lieutenant General Simon Stuart, AO, DSC, who said the combat brigade restructure was an important part of Army’s modernisation plan.

“These changes ensure our Army continues to adapt to meet the challenges of the day and set the best possible conditions to ensure success in the future,” LTGEN Stuart said.

“Tonight we formalise adjustments to the 9th Brigade that simplify command arrangements and strengthen Army’s presence here in South Australia.”

Commander of the 9th Brigade Brigadier Graham Goodwin, CSC, welcomed the units and their members to 9th Brigade.

“The transformation of the 9th Brigade is the cornerstone of the combat brigade restructure,” Brigadier Goodwin said.

“These changes ensure we are able to contribute critical land power capabilities to the Joint Force – in times of peace and war.”

The restructured 9th Brigade in South Australia will leverage the Army’s flexible employment arrangements and build relationships with industry, academia and sovereign-owned capability providers.

“I am excited about the opportunities that a fully integrated combat brigade offers to both our full and part-time workforce,” Brigadier Goodwin said.

“Adelaide-based units already have strong relationships with South Australians and local industry – bringing everyone under the same brigade will strengthen these ties further.”

Commander of the 1st Brigade Brigadier Nick Foxall, AM, DSM, said the transfer enabled the 1st Brigade to focus on building the Australian Army’s littoral manoeuvre capability centred in Darwin.

“The transfer places the Adelaide-based units closer to their higher headquarters, as opposed to being separated by thousands of kilometres as they previously were, and enables a more agile 1st Brigade to focus on delivering the Australian Army’s littoral manoeuvre centre of excellence,” Brigadier Foxall said.

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